About us

DBS Carpet & Floor Care has been serving the St. Charles and surrounding counties for over 25 years.  Starting with only a floor scrubber, a mop and  bucket we have grown to over 50 employees and have cleaned thousands of carpets and hard surface floors.  That experience turned our family into local experts when it comes to any type of rare cleaning issue.  Known as "The ones to call when you haven't seen it before.", we have excelled in tackling jobs other companies can't or won't do.  We are trusted by literally thousands of families and businesses to keep their carpets clean and soft, and their hard surface floors new and shiny. 

We are separated from the competition by the details. Details that require the sweat on your brow, on your hands and knees kind of work that the national cleaning companies usually don't even know exists.  From cleaning a pet stained carpet in a family home to stripping & refinishing 10,000 sq ft. commercial floors, we get the job done right. All at an affordable price and level of service that can't be beat. 

Now in our second generation of leadership, we are led by siblings who spent most of the adolescent years learning about floor finish and the logistics of efficiently cleaning commercial buildings.   

Tom Roberson - General Manager

Armed with a degree in Interactive Digital Media, Tom is always looking for an edge in integrating technology with a superior level of service.  Having such an in depth knowledge of technology and the janitorial field has enabled him to bridge communication issues that have plagued the commercial cleaning industry for decades.  Tom can't wait to give you your yourcompanyname@donleybuildingservices.com email address that gives all of your employees the power to address any issues or concerns.  

Jenna Roberson - Director of Operations

A proud card carrying MENSA member, Jenna prides herself as being the smartest janitor in the St. Louis area.  With a mind built for solving problems, Jenna has established herself as a premier floor care technician.  When the national floor care companies can't figure it out, she's the one who consults on the toughest of problems.